A network mindset*


gearsI see the practical conditions for the Global statistics for advocacy project as typical of many  IFLA activities.

The project requires close collaboration between a dispersed group of global professionals – or knowledge workers – with widely different subject and linguistic backgrounds. Most of us are volunteers and do this “for the love of the game” – in addition to demanding day jobs.

Fortunately, we have the web to facilitate our work. We are leaving the industrial world, stepping gingerly into the global knowledge economy that Ellen Tise (in my mind) spoke about yesterday.

A new publication from Monitor InstituteWorking Wikily 2.0 – explains very well the new and powerful ways of working together:

The tools are now accessible to the point where, for most of us, they’ve become integrated into our everyday lives.

But the tools are only the beginning of the story.

The deeper news is actually about the networks behind the tools, and how these networks are fundamentally changing the way we live and work. In other words, it’s not the wiki; it’s how wikis and other social media tools are engendering a new, networked mindset—a way of working wikily—that is characterized by principles of openness, transparency, decentralized decision-making, and distributed action.

I recommend the whole report for its practical and positive advice.

I hope we can use the GLOSSA blog to work effectively as a network. When IFLA implements its new wiki this autumn, we can add that to our new tool box, as well. 


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