Minutes from Milan


readingThe statistical advocacy project was an important point on the agenda at the SES meeting in Milan in August.

The corresponding parts of the minutes are provided below:

Global statistics – UNESCO

Roswitha Poll rehearsed the background to the project: the section had used its contacts in Montreal to open a dialogue with the UNESCO Institute for Statistics to develop (with ISO) an up to date statistical questionnaire, which had been piloted in Latin American in 2007 and the results reported at the Montreal IFLA post-conference last year and published as IFLA Publication No 138.

One outcome was the recognition of the need to build capacity to collect and use statistics in nations around the world.

The project group (Michael Heaney, Roswitha Poll and Pierre Meunier, working with Simon Ellis of UIS) had met with IFLA Senior Policy Advisor Stuart Hamilton in The Hague in November
2008 to plan next steps.

Global Statistics Phase II

The meeting in the Hague had several outcomes:

  • A draft Library Statistics Manifesto (circulated) [now published]
  • A draft outcomes survey to complement the statistical questionnaire (circulated)
  • A costing for a full Global Statistics capacity building programme (predicated upon the provision of external funding)
  • A project bid submitted to IFLA containing (1) some seed funding if the full funding did not come through (2) funding for advocacy for the Manifesto

Only the second element as succeeded as a project bid.

However, IFLA’s Senior Policy Advisor had requested that the capacity building be supplied in a different form. It was likely that money would made be available to library associations to purchase capacity building and advocacy training in various areas, and a one-day statistics programme was required. Up to €10,000 could be made available to gather a group of experts together to devise the programme, which was required by the end of the year.

The programme could utilise the questionnaire and survey developed for Gobal statistics.

It was noted that the members of the Phase I project were all stepping down from the Committee, though they could be available to advise in the expert workshop, and the connections with ISO and UIS were important. Members of the current committee would be required to take the project forward. A meeting had been arranged with Stuart Hamilton on 25 August at 8:30.

There was discussion on some detailed elements of the survey proposal and the differences between a library survey and a street survey (capturing non-use of libraries). Tord Høivik pointed
out the importance of testing any package produced.

Working group

The Committee agreed that the working group should consist of Tord Høivik (convener), Colleen Cook, Antoni Feliu. These with Michael Heaney and Roswitha Poll would meet with IFLA’s
Senior Policy Adviser on the Tuesday. Michael Heaney, Roswitha Poll and Pierre Meunier would continue to participate in the work of the group, to build on established contacts and for
continuity.  It was also agreed that additional expertise should be sought for the development of the work package.

(The following results were reported after the meeting with Stuart Hamilton):

The work will consist of a one-day workshop, i.e. ca. 25 pages including powerpoint-slides. It is aimed on statistics for library associations as a basis for advocacy, and for the libraries they serve. The main goal is raising awareness for the use and necessity of simple library statistics for advocacy and community building.

Timeframe and actions

The timeframe is as follows:

  • December 2009: Expert workshop in the Hague (incl. members from target countries), outline/ framework of workshop
  • March 2010: Draft version of workshop
  • April 2010: Pilot workshops conducted by IFLA e.g. in Botswana and Latin America, revision of draft
  • May 2010: final version

Contact person for the project at HQ is Fiona Bradley.

Additional actions:

  • put the Library Statistics Manifesto on Website – a.s.a.p. – Markku Laitinen
  • go for UNESCO approval of the manifesto
  • report on Phase I project to IFLA HQ– due by Mid-Nov. – Michael Heaney

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