GLOSSA in 2010


So far, so good.

The expert meeting in the Hague last week was a major step forward in making Statistics for advocacy a reality. The next steps are likely to be (note that this is a personal report, not an official statement).


Based on the many ideas and inputs from the meeting, the working group will make a first draft of the course materials and distribute it to all involved with an RFQ – request for comments – by the end of January.


Based on the comments the group will make a second draft, to be finished in March.


A pilot course based on the second draft will be arranged, probably in Eastern Europe,  by IFLA and EE regional partners. In addition to the one day course on statistics for advocacy, the event may include additional pilots and planning meetings for the BSLA program.


After revisions based on the pilot, the course will

  • be translated into Spanish (and possibly other languages)
  • be published on a dedicated digital platform


At the IFLA congress in Gothenburg (Aug. 10-15) IFLA will launch the full BSLA program. Three countries, from Africa, Asia and Latin America & the Caribbean respectively, will be selected as test-beds for the program.

The Statistics and Evaluation Section will arrange one-day event – consisting of a series of parallell GLOSSA courses in different languages – on Thursday August 12. The event will be located at the Department of Economics at University of Gothenburg.


The course materials will be made available to all IFLA members.


IFLA was a friendly and efficient host – with Fiona Bradley as guide and Stuart Hamilton as sponsor.


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