Do you need numbers to argue your case? This blog documents the IFLA course on Statistics for advocacy.

IFLA has developed a coherent series of training modules for competence building in library associations. The main focus is advocacy

– or the power to mobilize people, politicians, parties and governments at all levels to  support libraries – based on their actual contributions to society.

The program is called Building Strong Library Associations.

We use this blog – which is quite informal – to report on the work and as a source of useful background information.

Trainers’ manual

The trainers’ manual (TM) contains

Workshop manual

The workshop manual (WM) now contains

  • an introduction for participants. The introduction the aim of the course
  • a short course plan with descriptions of the seven workshop sessions
  • link to Lecture notes (for sessions 3, 5 and 6)


At the Milan conference in August 2009, IFLA asked the Statistics and Evaluation Section to develop a learning module on the collection and use of statistics within that framwork. We started to develop the module – in the form of a one day course – in September.  IFLA helped us organize an international workshop in the Hague, in December, and run a pilot course in Chania, Crete, in May 2010.

We have called the development project Global statistics for advocacy – or GLOSSA, for short. The course itself is named Statistics for Advocacy (SFA).

Five languages

A second pilot was run off-site during the IFLA conference in Gothenburg, in August 2012. Since then, there have been courses in Lithuania, Ukraine, Norway (6) and Uganda.

The two pilots and the training in Kampala, Uganda, used the English materials. In Uganda the manuals were, however, adapted to the audience, which came from academic rather than public libraries.

In the other countries the manuals were translated into Lithuania, Ukrainian and Norwegian, respectively. The county library in Olsztyn, Poland, has also made a Polish version of the materials. This will be used in the autumn 2012.


  • Organizations. Some associations and organizations working with statistics for advocacy.
  • Persons. Some professionals working – or interested in this field
  • Publications. Documents related to statistics for advocacy.
  • Register. List of all posts on the GLOSSA blog.
  • Timeline. Background and project plans.

Last update: August 18, 2012, Tord Høivik


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