ST 27/10: Course materials ready


The course materials for August 12 are ready for use.

 Practical details here.

There may be some minor adjustments before Gothenburg. Afterwards we will do a final edit based on participant responses. But the main job is completed.

The Staff Manual now consists of

  1. an introduction describing the aim of the course and guidelines for planning
  2. a course plan with short descriptions of each of the workshop sessions
  3. a set of lecture notes – for sessions C, D, E and F – linked to the plan
  4. a set of case materials (statistical examples) – linked to the lecture notes
  5. a set of exercises – linked to the lecture notes

All materials are (or will be) available on the web:

  1. The introduction + course plan – the most stable part of the manual – are published as one file.
  2. The lecture notes – which may change somewhat from course to course –   form a separate file. Case materials and the exercises are published as several small files – linked to the lecture notes.
  3. The Student Manual prepared for Gothenburg has a different introduction, but sections 2-5 are the same as in the Staff Manual.

The Student Manual includes an Appendix with a variety of supporting materials and documents:

  1. Information about the BSLA program
  2. IFLA’s manifesto on library statistics
  3. The first section of the paper by Sawaya et al. (2009)  Building library staff capacity to advocate successfully leads to sustainable libraries.
  4. Five indicator sets. Technical note.
  5. Collecting visitor statistics. Technical note.
  6. Printouts of the PowerPoint slides (to be added)
  7. Copies of self assessment tools (to be added)
  8. Printouts of the evaluation questionnaire (to be added)

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2 Responses to “ST 27/10: Course materials ready”

  1. carmen fois Says:

    many thanks for your materials

  2. Markku Says:

    Please find the final and official version of Library Statistics Manifesto:

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