ST 39/10: After Gøteborg


Based on our experiences in Crete and Sweden we have now restructured the Statistics for Advocacy training materials.

Trainers’ manual

The trainers’ manual (TM) now contains

Workshop manual

The workshop manual (WM) now contains

  • an introduction for participants. The introduction the aim of the course
  • a short course plan with descriptions of the seven workshop sessions
  • link to Lecture notes (for sessions 3, 5 and 6)

The language has also been edited.

Next steps

In the world of training, nothing is static. This revision is not a major one, however. I have basically tried to organize the documents in a better way. But comments – preferably on the blog – are always welcome.

The next step is adding to the case materials and the exercises, so that course planners have more to choose from. We hope there will be a workshop in Spanish next August. China is clearly interested. There are rumours about Lithuania.

Personally, I am looking forward to a workshop in Uganda next July, sponsored by Makerere University Library. Here we will need cases and exercises that work when national library statistics just don’t exist, as Elisha Chiware points out.



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