ST 2/11: The impact of community size


,In connection with the Statistics for Advocacy course we need concrete case studies from different countries. The cases have two main purposes:

  • to provide data sets or practical exercises
  • to illustrate different ways of utilizing statistical data in the library field

Here is a new case from Norway.

This spring I have done a small statistical study of the 2009 public library statistics in KOSTRA. Norway has about four hundred muncicipalities, each with its own library organization. I did the following:

  • retrieved the 400 values for each of fifteen library variables from the KOSTRA data base
  • stored them in a Google Docs spreadsheet
  • grouped the libraries into five size groups
  • calculated the values of twenty different indicators
  • calculated the three quartiles (Q1, median, Q3) for each indicator in each group
  • created twenty line diagrams that show the quartile values for each  group
  • published the spreadsheet


  • The graphics can be inspected here.
  • Comments on the graphs are published here.
  • The origina data set is available here.


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