ST 9/11: A new library census


This fall the Dominican Republic is conducting a new National Census of Libraries. During the IFLA conference in San Juan, the group of researchers involved asked the Section for Statistics and Evaluation to evaluate the project. Our report, developed by two members of the section, was sent five days ago. Yesterday we received the answer from the project (see below):

Statistics and Evaluation Section
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

Last Thursday, on September 8th of this month,we received a valuable communication written by Mr. Tord Hoivik and Antoni Feliu, members of the Statistics and Evaluation Section of IFLA.

Their report confirms that the work done by the Technical Committee for the 2nd. National Census of Libraries [at the National Library Pedro Henríquez Ureña (BNPHU)], is solidly based, comprehensive in its conceptual and practical approach, thorough in its planning and appropriate to local conditions in the region.

We thank you on behalf of all members of the Technical Committee of the project, managers and library staff, for this significant contribution to our work. We dream that public libraries in our country, and in Latin America and the Caribbean, may benefit from this collaborative and concerted effort in the future, in the medium and long term, led by the BNPHU with the support and sponsorship of other national and international organizations.

We also consider the technical recommendations given by the specialized staff of the Statistics and Evaluation Section of IFLA  as very generous, relevant and timely.  After reading and analyzing the document in which you provided comments and technical assessments of the questionnaire and the methodological design, we are in the process of integrating the study’s recommendations. After the recommendations have been incorporated we will contact you again to share the document.

As we say goodbye, we want to express our appreciation of IFLA, which is not only a world authority on libraries, but an entity in which libraries and librarians can find space and support for their professional growth.


Technical Committee
2nd. National Census of Libraries

Translated from Spanish by TH




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