ST 2/12: Growing interest in Norway


In Norway, the interest in statistical advocacy and statistics-based library management is growing rapidly.

Photo: members of the regional statistics network in Buskerud.

Throughout society we find an increased demand for  numerical information. In a digital world, the access to data multiplies. We also have powerful tools to process them.

Academic libraries must defend their budgets.

  • How do you contribute to teaching, study and research?

Public libraries are scrutinized by the municipalities that finance them.

  • Do they deliver the goods (or rather services)?
  • How do they compare with other libraries?
  • Are there savings to be made?
  • Can services be expanded – at no extra cost?

Some of the questions and arguments are reasonable. Others are not. But librarians must understand statistical methods and statistical reasoning  in order to separate serious queries from meaningless questions.

Counting the counties

Norway consists of nineteen counties. The county of Buskerud is leading the pack. It organized two workshops in 2011 – and has set up a statistical support network for public libraries that want to learn from each other. This year the network will focus on traffic counting, using the CTT method developed by Tord Høivik.

Two Statistics for Advocacy courses have already been realized – one in Porsgrunn, for the county of Telemark, and one at Gardermoen, Oslo’s main airport, for people from five different county libraries.  Two more have been booked, for the counties of Østfold (May) and Vestfold (October) respectively.

Additional requests for the basic one-day workshop, and also for more advanced workshops on special topics, are expected.

Several of the participants at the big three week workshop called Statistikk i praksis (SIP) (2010-2011)  have used their new skills to conduct training courses in their own regions.



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