ST 6/12: Statistics for Advocacy in Africa


In June, a team of teachers from Oslo and Kampala conducted three training events at Makerere University Library.

The main event was an intensive two week LATINA workshop on elearning and digital librarianship for professional librarians from East Africa. (LATINA stands for Learning And Teaching IN A digital world). But we also arranged two one day courses. LATINA for executives was aimed at managers who sent staff members to the main course.

Practical statistics

And on Monday July 2, Maria Musoke, the director of Makerere University Library, and Tord Høivik (that’s me) co-directed the first Statistics for Advocacy training in Africa. The detailed program, with teaching materials, has been published here, in my Google Site on Practical statistics.

Nearly all the participants came from academic libraries. The course contents had been modified to fit their situation.

But big changes were not needed. In Africa academic libraries tend to be much more engaged in development issues than their counterparts in Europe and North America. Academic research is also more development oriented. This means that academic libraries also need to demonstrate their value outside the university campus.

Count the traffic

I should add that the two week LATINA training also had a statistical component. During the second week, participants were divided into four project groups. One of the groups carried out a statistical study of user behavior at Makerere University Library, using the TTT methodology.


LATINA Africa is a training and development program for African libraries. At the first LATINA course in Oslo three of the participants came from South Sudan. In 2009 and 2010 Makerere University Library sent a total of four librarians. In June 2012 Oslo and Kampala joined forces and conducted the first LATINA training in Africa.

We were also encouraged by the positive evaluation. We hope to realize similar workshops next year. If LATINA Africa 2013 becomes possible, I will do my best to include a second SFA course in the program.




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