ST 13/12: A fair amount of traffic


The average traffic to this blog hovers around four to five hundred hits per month.

About sixteen thousand pages have been downloaded since we started three years ago: a little more than two hundred hits per blog post.

August tends to be the hottest month. The traffic statistics provided by WordPress get better all the time. Now we can also see the geographic locations of our visitors.

During the last thirty days, visitor statistics – by country – were:

  1. United States 125 hits (page impressions)
  2. Finland 89
  3. Norway 58
  4. Canada 42
  5. Spain 37
  6. Germany 22
  7. Netherlands 15
  8. Romania 14
  9. South Africa 12
  10. Colombia 11

These are not huge numbers. Library statistics is a small niche in a big world. But from my corner the numbers are encouraging ….


One Response to “ST 13/12: A fair amount of traffic”

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