ST 4/13: IFLA key initiatives


IFLA has chosen five Key Initiatives for its Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015.

The two first are broad in scope.

The Digital Content Programme responds to the global transition from print to digital media. IFLA specifies four topics:

  1. digital legal deposit – with a focus on legislative certainty for deposit and library user access
  2. digital lending – with a focus on library user access to e-resources, and inter-organisation/cross-border uses compatible with fair practice
  3. mass digitisation – with a focus on IFLA facilitating information exchange for the library sector
  4. digital preservation – with a focus on legal mechanisms for harvesting and preserving born digital information and local content hosted on websites and in social media

Two specific tasks are

  • Commission a major trend report modelling the evolving digital information environment.
    • The report shall be launched in 2013 and shall provide a base for the library sector for  promotion, advocacy and outreach for the following 2 – 5 years
  • Host a portal, which will include a repository collecting together IFLA’s own publications,  for information exchange on issues critical to the practice of librarianship in the digital age.

The International Librarianship Leadership Development Programme: is an effort to strengthen the influence of the library community by training leaders and developing library organizations

  • BSLA, Building Strong Library Associations Programme, is part of this initiative.
    • The Statistics for Advocacy project belongs here
  • The  IFLA International Leaders Programme, aims to identify emerging leaderts and to nurture their path towards a leadership role within IFLA

The next three are more limited.

  1. Outreach Programme for Advocacy and Advancement of the Profession is a planning framework to visualise IFLA’s advocacy and outreach participation in events, meetings or conferences.
  2. Cultural Heritage Disaster Reconstruction Programme will develop principles for engagement by IFLA and its members in library-related activities in times of post-conflict or natural disaster recovery
  3. Multilingualism Programme: is aimed at a multilingual IFLA website

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