Data and definitions*

Under this heading we list

  • variables (primary data),
  • indicators (derived quantities) and
  • sets of indicators

that have been proposed for general or global use.


Some relevant sets or collections of library indicators are



  • The twelve key variables listed by LibEcon for 2001 included three indicators (in the ordinary sense), but allow the calculation of many other indicators. [See Appendix]





The key data collected by LibEcon for 2001 were

  1. Administrative units [number]
  2. Service points [number]
  3. Books and bound periodicals added to stock [millions]
  4. Workstations for users
  5. Registered users [millions]
  6. Registered users as % population
  7. Loans [millions]
  8. Loans per head
  9. Visits [millions]
  10. Total staff FTE
  11. Total recurrent spending, Euros [millions]
  12. Total recurrent spending per head

Only nos. 6, 8 and 12 are indicators in the ordinary sense, but it is of course feasible to calculate many other indicators from these data: accessions per inhabitant, workstations per 1000 inhabitants, visits per staff member, aso.





One Response to “Data and definitions*”

  1. Eric and Souleymane Says:

    Données et des définitions *
    Dans cette rubrique se trouvent la liste des variables (données primaires) et des indicateurs ( grandeurs dérivées) qui ont été proposées pour une utilisation generale.

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