All variables (I)

In Phase I, the Global Statistics Project recommended the collection of twenty-three statistical variables:

Access and facilities
Six variables

  • Physical
    • Number of libraries
    • Number of user workplaces (seats)
    • Weekly opening hours (-20; 20-40; 40-60; 60+)
  • Electronic services by type (percentage of libraries offering these services)
    • Internet access for users
    • Online catalogues
    • Websites

Four variables

  • Number of volumes
  • Number of electronic collections by type
    • electronic serials (subscriptions)
    • ebooks (titles)
    • databases (purchased or licensed)

Library activities and events
Two variables

  • Number of events
  • Total annual attendance at user training sessions

Library use and users
Four variables

  • Total registered users
  • Loans
    • number of loans (without renewals and ILL)
    • number of downloads from the e-collection
  • Number of visits

Library staff
Three variables

  • Number of employees (headcounts)
  • Number of female emplyees
  • Hours of training per staff member

Four variables

  • Total operating expenditure
  • Staff costs
  • Expenditure on literature and information
  • Other costs

Source: Simon Ellis, Michael Heaney, Pierre Meunier and Roswitha Poll. Global Library Statistics. IFLA Journal, Vol. 35, No. 2, 123-130 (2009). See Publications


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