augustA timeline for our work with Statistuics for Advocacy (SFA). Events before the first pilot workshop, including a brief history of the Global Statistics project, are documented here.



  • October 18. Vestfold, Norway.Vestfold County Library and Samstat. Start med statistikk.
  • September 25. Olsztyn County Library, Poland. Statistics for advocacy
  • July 2. Kampala, Uganda. Makerere University Library and IFLA SES. Statistics for Advocacy
  • May 25. Østfold, Norway.  Østfold County Library and Samstat.  Start med statistikk.
  • March 7-8. Mid-term meeting of IFLA SES in Berlin
  • February 7. Oslo Airport Hotel, Norway. Five counties in Central Norway and Samstat. Start med statistikk.
  • January 9. Porsgrunn, Norway. Telemark County Library and Samstat.  Start med statistikk.


  • Workshops will be run in a number of countries followed by assessment a few months later.
  • The educational resources
    • will be translated into several major languages
    • will be put on an e-learning platform
  • Other countries may use the teaching materials to run their own workshops.


  • Oct. 17-18. Drammen, Norway.  Buskerud County Library and Samstat. Two add-on modules to SFA.
  • October 10.  Drammen, Norway. Buskerud County Library and Samstat. Start med statistikk.
  • May 31. Drammen, Norway. Buskerud County Library and Samstat. Start med statistikk.

A large course with 65+ participants was held in Lithuania


  • August. IFLA (Gothenburg) launched Building Strong Library Associations Program (BSLA)  – with SFA as one of the modules
    • IFLA will select one country in each of three regions – Africa, Asia, Latin America & Caribbean – to run BSLA workshops with practical and financial support during 2010-11.
  • August 12: Second pilot workshop (Gothenburg)
    • The workshop was hosted by planned by a working group consisting of Ulla Wimmer (Germany), Colleen Cook (US), Wanda Dole (US) and Tord Høivik (Norway)
  • July. Draft discussed at IFLA Trainers’ meeting in the Hague.
  • June. Revise and complete operational version of module
  • May 28. First pilot workshop, with eleven participants, during the 2nd QQML 2010 international conference in Chania, Greece (Crete), May 25-28


  • Start med statistikk is the Norwegian name for Statistics for advocacy.
  • Samstat is a Norwegian network for library statistics.

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